A Very Important Message about SMA’s New Mentoring Program

SMA is beginning a new mentoring program for student members of SMA. Any student attending the AAA meetings may apply to meet with a mentor. The student and mentor will meet over coffee at a time agreeable to both during AAA.

The student application is a few sentences (perhaps one paragraph) to include your name, interests, and degree program. This should be sent to R. Baer baer@usf.edu by Oct.1, 2015

We also need mentors–professional members of SMA. Please indicate your willingness to be a mentor in a few sentences to include your name, department and institution, and main interests in medical anthropology. This should be sent to R. Baer baer@usf.edu by Oct. 1, 2015.

We’ll do our best to match up student and professional-category mentors to those with similar interests.

About Jonathan Stillo

Jonathan Stillo is a doctoral candidate in anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate Center. He is the student representative on the Society for Medical Anthropology executive board and the chair of the Medical Anthropology Students Association (MASA) His research focuses on tuberculosis, citizenship and entitlements in Romania. More of his blog posts can be found here: http://cac.ophony.org/author/jonathan/
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