A Message from a New Medical Anthropology Journal

Dear MASA member,

This is a call for submitting a short essay about your dissertation process for a new journal we are launching this year, Medicine Anthropology Theory, which will be the first open-access, English-language journal focused on medical anthropology and science and technology studies (seewww.medanthrotheory.org). We feel that there is a real need for an independent journal of this kind, particularly for the growing number of scholars who do not have easy access to subscription-only journals. The journal’s editors are Eileen Moyer and Vinh-Kim Nguyen, who were asked to take over the Dutch journal Medische Antropologie when Sjaak van der Geest retired, and who have taken this opportunity to rethink the journal.

The journal will publish a wide range of work relevant to scholars of medical anthropology, STS, and critical global health studies. In addition to dissertation-related essays, peer-reviewed articles, and book and film reviews, we will include photo essays, conference reports, and other essays in a section called The Nightstand. The first issue will be published in December 2014.

The Dissertating section of the journal is a space for students who are writing their dissertations and recent graduates to share their ideas with the wider academic community, and to inspire other students. We would like to invite you to submit an essay (1,000 words) that considers how your thinking developed and changed during the dissertation process. How was your focus refined? Which of your insights were unexpected? This is an opportunity to introduce a broader readership to those key texts that influenced your research, the challenges that caused you to rethink your agenda, and the ‘a-ha’ moments that forced you to change direction. What are the new studies or ideas that are relevant for a broad audience? What do you think are the big questions for future research?

If you are interested in submitting such an essay, please contact me at the email below. We are looking for submissions to be published on the website in December and January, and which will be (virtually) ‘bundled’ into our second issue in April 2015. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, as well.


Yolande Schöller
Dissertation Essays Editor
Medicine Anthropology Theory

Email: yolandescholler@gmail.com

About Jonathan Stillo

Jonathan Stillo is a doctoral candidate in anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate Center. He is the student representative on the Society for Medical Anthropology executive board and the chair of the Medical Anthropology Students Association (MASA) His research focuses on tuberculosis, citizenship and entitlements in Romania. More of his blog posts can be found here: http://cac.ophony.org/author/jonathan/
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